The idea behind making this blog is that it would possibly suffice my need to write and express.

I am a person with innumerous faults and defects. I am not the good programmer. I am not the most humorous person. I am not the person who can always keep her calm. I am not the focused person. I am complicated. I am weak. I cry. I scream. I lose my temper. I am not even the superficial master of infinite fields. I make too many mistakes. I can not solve all my problems, even when I make an effort to contemplate upon each one. I attempt at ameliorating my fellow mates and providing them with all the support I can. But, at times, I fail. I do.Akanksha

Whenever, I am wedged into such excruciating circumstances and I feel I am drowning into the stream of my own emotions, I write. For me, it is similar to disgorging all your anguish, pain and helplessness to a close friend, who won’t judge you, but instead give you every opportunity to work up on the problem that has inadvertently scooped up in your life. The manifestation of thoughts, of emotions is brought to me by the enigmatic words that drop from my heart onto the naïve paper.

Happiness augmented and sadness diminished. And, this is all I need, to be able to smile even under inauspicious circumstances.


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